The Joys of making a radio series – Guest Post by Felicity Sidnell Reid…

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This February my co-host, Gwynn Scheltema, and I are celebrating the fourth anniversary of a series of interviews we broadcast on local radio, Northumberland 89.7 FM, also streamed on the station’s website, and archived on our own websitewhich can be accessed at any time and from anywhere.

The series is called Word on the Hills.

We interview novelists, poets, playwrights, journalists, memoirists, non-fiction writers, editors and publishers and sometimes singer-songwriters, who live, or work or who have a connection with our region, eastern Ontario.

When we began we were truly novices, uncertain about whether we could achieve the technical competence to run our own show and constantly worrying about whether we would be able to find enough interesting interviewees to keep the show going. Now as we enter our fourth year we know we can do both, so this is a time of celebration.

We love making…

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