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A story for all ages, Alone A Winter in the Woods quickly engages he reader in thirteen year-old John Turner’s adventures. Left alone on his family’s land grant in a virtually unsettled township in the winter of  1797, he has to overcome devastating isolation and loneliness. With only a couple of oxen, a pregnant cow, a handful of chickens and his dog to keep him company, everyday tasks become ten times more difficult than they were when Pa was still with him , building their tiny cabin. Back in Adolphustown, the orphaned Joséphine, adopted by the Turner family, keeps a journal recording their lives and her own experiences. The family waits for Pa to return to escort his wife and young children up the lake to the new settlement once Spring allows water traffic to start up again. This tale explores the differences between family life and expectations in the eighteenth century and the present, as John and Joséphine reflect on what home, family and friendship mean to them and struggle to find the courage , determination and faith needed to face the future.

In 2021 I published a small poetry collection  (Glentula Press) called The Yellow Magnolia and this year, 2022, another larger collection of poems The Many Faces (Aeolus House).

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