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I suppose it says something, possibly profound, about the state of the world, that there are now so many apps available which promise stories that will send the reader or listener to sleep. You can choose to listen to stories from the boring to the beautiful, from the fantastic to the hypnotic: or to find collections containing pieces only five minutes long, to ones where the average listening time is an hour.

However, the reader’s voice may be mellifluous, and the story un-alarming, but I have to concentrate too hard on those fleeting words to relax into sleep. So I have always been, and will remain, a bedtime reader, preferably of real books, though sometimes I do resort to the library on my iPad.

I am careful about what sort of books I allow on my reading list. I give high priority to old favourites, some from my youth, or…

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Forever Curious – Guest Post by Felicity Sidnell Reid…

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Robert Louis Stevenson in A Child’s Garden of Verses wrote a two line poem, “The world is so full of a number of things/ I ’m sure we should all be as happy as kings…” But to believe this we have to remain as curious as we were when we were children and everything was new and exciting.

Later, Einstein said, “The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Though the current state of the world is certainly not conducive to general happiness, maintaining an interest in our surroundings, our friends and acquaintances as well as a desire to learn new things can make our old age as full and rewarding a period in our lives as any other. If we become involved with other people to “make”, advocate for, or do things about which we feel passionate, we have less time to…

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Aging as well as I can! – Guest Post by Felicity Sidnell Reid…

pexels-photo-461049 (1)I’ve been trying for more than a week to tidy up and sort out my document files and decided yesterday that I was no more successful at it than I am in sorting socks and putting them away in pairs. Indeed, I became obsessed with a mental image of a chest; its drawers hanging open because so overstocked with apparel, stuffed into them apparently at random. However, there are some advantages to being incompetent. I had to open many files to find out what was in them and there were surprises!

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The advantage of being an older writer – Susan Hill QUOTES FOR WRITERS (and people who like quotes)

Something to remember.


older womanGetting old has advantages as well as disadvantages. it may mean that you are freed from obligations – work, bringing up children, looking after older relatives – that left you little time or energy for writing. If so, that new freedom could stimulate your creativity.
Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, your writing will be informed by your own life experiences – work, leisure, travel, friendships, relationships, love, loss…you name it. The older you gte the more life experiences you have to draw om.

Susan Hill

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